The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has unveiled the results of a public poll for the name of their latest lifeboat. Brace yourselves, as the people have spoken, and the chosen moniker is none other than “Asylum Seeker Taxi McTaxiFace.”

The RNLI, renowned for its life-saving efforts, decided to engage the public in the important task of christening their new vessel. However, what they probably didn’t anticipate was the collective sense of humor—or mischief—possessed by the voting public.

“We believe in letting the people have their say,” chuckled the RNLI spokesperson. “And apparently, the people say ‘Asylum Seeker Taxi McTaxiFace.'”

The name, an apparent nod to the tradition of internet polls resulting in absurd choices, has left some scratching their heads. Critics argue that it might not send the most serious message about the life-saving mission of the RNLI.

However, the public seems to revel in the irreverence. Social media is buzzing with memes and jokes about the unconventional choice, with some suggesting that the new lifeboat might just have the quirkiest name in maritime history.

Political commentator Nigel Rightly commented, “This is a victory for democracy. We’ve named boats after royalty, historical figures, and now we have ‘Asylum Seeker Taxi McTaxiFace.’ It’s truly a testament to the diversity of British humor.”

As the new lifeboat gets ready to hit the waves, one can only imagine the interesting radio calls it might receive. “Asylum Seeker Taxi McTaxiFace, over. We’re on our way to save lives and deliver punchlines.”

In the end, whether it’s a cheeky play on naming conventions or a harbinger of a more humorous maritime future, the RNLI’s newest addition is sure to make waves, both in the water and on social media.