A group of self-proclaimed futurologists has boldly predicted the extinction of white working-class Britons by the year 2050. But fear not, for in their place, a remarkable new species of bureaucrat is expected to emerge, flourishing in the fertile grounds of paperwork and red tape.

These forward-thinking soothsayers, armed with crystal balls and an uncanny ability to read government reports, assure us that the decline of the white working class is simply the evolution of society toward a brighter bureaucratic future.

“It’s not extinction; it’s evolution,” declared one visionary, adjusting his monocle for emphasis. “We’re witnessing the rise of a more paperwork-savvy, form-filling, and meeting-loving species.”

The extinction prediction has sparked mixed reactions, with some expressing concern and others eager to welcome the dawn of the bureaucratic era. Plans are already in motion to introduce a new curriculum in schools focusing on efficient stapling techniques and the art of composing eloquent memos.

Critics argue that such predictions are overly pessimistic and lack scientific rigor, but the futurologists remain undeterred. “We base our forecasts on the most reliable sources available: government statistics, obscure academic journals, and the patterns we see in our dreams after eating too much cheese,” said another visionary, waving a spreadsheet like a wizard’s wand.

As the countdown to 2050 begins, the question on everyone’s mind is whether the new bureaucratic species will thrive in its natural habitat – the ever-expanding realm of government bureaucracy – or if it will face unexpected challenges, such as the occasional shortage of paperclips.

Whether you’re mourning the supposed demise of the white working class or eagerly anticipating the bureaucratic revolution, one thing is for certain: the future promises to be anything but paperwork-free. Brace yourselves, citizens, for a world where filing cabinets reign supreme and endless meetings shape our destiny!