The iconic Sith Lord, Darth Vader, has been officially declared guilty of committing the heinous crime of “intergalactic blackface.” Critics argue that the dark side just got a whole lot darker, and it’s not because of the Force.

The controversy erupted when a group of interplanetary activists claimed that Vader’s infamous black suit, complete with a cape and menacing helmet, is a blatant example of cultural appropriation from the mysterious and mythical planet known as Earth. One activist stated, “It’s an outrage that he’s using the cultural symbolism of our planet for his Sith fashion statement!”

The charges came after a detailed investigation into the Sith Lord’s wardrobe choices. Legal experts debated whether Vader’s sinister appearance was an homage to the unknown fashion trends of Earth or a cosmic fashion faux pas.

In a press conference, Vader defended his style, stating, “I find your lack of cultural understanding disturbing. My fashion choices are a personal expression of my commitment to the dark side. The only appropriation here is of the galaxy itself.”

However, the intergalactic court remained unswayed, deeming Vader’s attire a galactic case of blackface. Activists celebrated the decision, with some demanding that the Sith Lord undergo sensitivity training on diversity and inclusion.

Critics argue that this case opens the door to a slippery slope of absurd accusations in the name of political correctness, wondering what’s next — accusations of Wookiee appropriation for Chewbacca’s fur?

As the galaxy grapples with the repercussions of this groundbreaking ruling, one thing is certain: the dark side of the fashion force just faced its own day in court, and the verdict is resonating through the stars. May the satirical Force be with us all.