A coalition of passionate individuals has declared the establishment of a new national holiday: ‘GB News Should Be Shut Down Day.’ This holiday, they claim, is a celebration of unity, diversity, and the universal desire to see fewer opinionated talking heads on the airwaves.

Proponents of the holiday argue that GB News, with its attempts to provide an alternative perspective, has caused an epidemic of eye-rolling and exasperated sighs across the nation. They believe that a day dedicated to shutting down the channel would be a refreshing break for citizens forced to endure diverse viewpoints and a variety of opinions.

“It’s about time we had a holiday that unites us all,” declared the spokesperson for the ‘GB News Should Be Shut Down Day’ campaign. “We can set aside our differences, come together, and collectively switch to a more neutral news source for 24 glorious hours.”

The proposed festivities include gatherings where people can share stories of the last time they agreed on something political and group therapy sessions for those traumatized by unexpected exposure to dissenting opinions.

Critics argue that the holiday is merely an attempt to stifle free speech and limit the diversity of thought in the media landscape. However, supporters insist that it’s a much-needed day of respite from the constant barrage of alternative perspectives that have, for some, become an unavoidable part of their daily routine.

As ‘GB News Should Be Shut Down Day’ gains traction, only time will tell if it becomes a cherished tradition or if it will be criticized as a thinly veiled attempt to create an echo chamber. In the spirit of the proposed holiday, the nation awaits with bated breath, hoping for at least one day of uninterrupted agreement.