The eco-warriors of Just Stop Oil have taken their fight to the skies. The group recently executed a bold mission to spray orange paint over EasyJet planes, aiming to send a powerful message about climate change. However, in a surprising twist, it seems their grand gesture went entirely unnoticed.

Armed with cans of eco-friendly, non-toxic orange paint, the Just Stop Oil members stealthily approached the parked planes. Their mission, dubbed “Operation Citrus Statement,” was intended to create a vivid visual metaphor for the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions.

“We wanted to make a bold statement, quite literally,” said the group’s spokesperson. “Orange is the color of warning, and what better way to warn the world about climate change than by giving these planes a subtle citrus makeover?”

Despite their best efforts, it appears the world remained blissfully unaware of the environmental artistry happening on the tarmac. Passengers boarded their flights, airline staff went about their business, and EasyJet maintenance crews carried on without batting an eye.

Airport security footage captured the entire operation, but security personnel reportedly dismissed it as an avant-garde cleaning crew attempting an ill-conceived Tango-themed makeover.

“We thought about using neon green for a stronger impact, but we were afraid it might clash with the planes’ existing livery,” admitted one of the spray-painting activists.

Just Stop Oil remains undeterred, vowing to continue their creative protests until the world wakes up to the imminent climate crisis. Their next plan reportedly involves hosting a “Paint the World, Save the Planet” art exhibition, showcasing their subtle yet unnoticed contributions to environmental awareness.

In the meantime, EasyJet officials remain perplexed, wondering if the orange accents will boost their planes’ resale value or if it’s just the latest trend in aviation aesthetics that they somehow missed.