The upscale supermarket Waitrose has announced a rebranding initiative in select Labour-voting constituencies. Starting next month, the popular Middle Eastern dip, hummus, will be gracing the shelves with a new and unexpected label: “Hamas.”

Waitrose claims this bold marketing maneuver is an attempt to cater to the unique preferences of the local demographic. “We believe in providing our customers with products that resonate with their political sensibilities,” said the head of marketing, trying to keep a straight face.

The decision has been met with mixed reactions. Supporters see it as a clever attempt to bridge the gap between politics and pantry, while critics argue it’s a tasteless move (pun intended) that could lead to some awkward family gatherings.

Local shoppers expressed a range of opinions. One customer was overheard saying, “Finally, a hummus that aligns with my political ideology!” while another quipped, “I just want to dip my carrot sticks without feeling like I’m making a political statement.”

Labour politicians, however, seem to be taking it in stride. “If a tub of chickpea paste is what it takes to win votes, I say go for it,” remarked one Member of Parliament with a chuckle.

As the “Hamas” hummus hits the shelves, it remains to be seen whether this marketing ploy will resonate with shoppers or if it will simply leave them feeling a bit, well, confused about their snack choices and political affiliations.