Hamas has called for an immediate ceasefire in London, citing concerns over “armed thugs killing innocent civilians while Sadiq Khan does nothing.” The militant group, known for its involvement in Middle Eastern conflicts, has apparently taken an interest in the law and order situation across the pond.

“It’s truly heartwrenching to see such violence and chaos unfolding in London without any decisive action from the local authorities,” stated a Hamas spokesperson. “If Sadiq Khan won’t act, then someone has to.”

The call for a ceasefire comes as a shock to many, given Hamas’s typically narrow focus on Middle Eastern affairs. However, the group insists that the escalating violence in London warrants their intervention.

“Whether it’s rockets in Gaza or crime in London, innocent lives are at stake,” the spokesperson continued. “It’s high time for the international community to step in and restore peace.”

Critics, however, view Hamas’s statement as an attempt to divert attention from their own controversial actions and refocus the narrative on Western cities’ issues.

“This is a classic case of deflection,” remarked a political analyst. “Hamas is trying to portray itself as a champion of peace while conveniently ignoring its own role in perpetuating violence.”

Meanwhile, Sadiq Khan’s office responded cautiously to Hamas’s demand, stating that while all efforts to address London’s challenges are welcome, they should be approached with nuance and understanding.

As the unexpected plea for a London ceasefire continues to reverberate across the globe, it remains unclear whether Hamas’s intervention will bring about any meaningful change or merely add another layer of complexity to an already tangled situation.