The Labour Party has declared that, if elected, they will turn the calendar into a perpetual Black History Month. Yes, you read that right – every month will be Black History Month in the utopian future envisioned by the Labour Party.

Party leaders passionately outlined their vision, explaining that dedicating just one month to Black history was a relic of the past. “We’re living in the future, and in the future, every month deserves to be Black History Month,” proclaimed one Labour spokesperson, surrounded by an array of vibrant banners featuring historical figures from Harriet Tubman to Tupac.

The party insists that this bold move isn’t about pandering for votes or virtue signaling. “This is about commitment,” said another Labour representative, who then promptly unveiled a plan for daily re-education sessions, where citizens will be regaled with historical facts, poetry, and interpretive dance performances to celebrate the rich tapestry of Black history.

Critics argue that the Labour Party might be biting off more than it can chew, with concerns about the logistics of maintaining this perpetual celebration. “Will there be cake every day? Do we get a day off work for Frederick Douglass’ birthday?” pondered one skeptic.

Nevertheless, the Labour Party seems undeterred, insisting that the only way to rectify historical injustices is to dedicate every waking moment to the celebration of Black history. “We’re not just changing calendars; we’re changing lives,” declared a fervent party member, clad in a dazzling array of Black History Month merchandise.

As the nation awaits the outcome of the next election, one thing is clear: if Labour wins, get ready for a history lesson every day and an unending parade of culturally themed celebrations. It’s not just politics; it’s perpetual partying for progress.