A cadre of A-list celebrities has proudly endorsed a cause they have absolutely no grasp of. The trend was set by the likes of Glitter McVegan and Stardust Kaleidoscope, known more for their red carpet appearances than any in-depth knowledge of geopolitical intricacies or economic policies.

The cause in question? Well, it doesn’t really matter. What’s crucial here is the unquestionable commitment of these luminaries to throw their weight behind something that seems “woke” enough to earn them a few extra Instagram followers.

“We saw it trending, so naturally, we had to jump on board,” explained McVegan between sips of her ethically sourced kale smoothie. “I might not fully understand the nuances of the issue, but who needs facts when you have a good cause to promote?”

The signed letter, resembling more of a trendy scrapbook than a coherent manifesto, boasts an array of colorful autographs and heartfelt emojis. Critics argue that it’s a shining example of the blind leading the blind, or in this case, the bedazzled leading the bedazzled.

“It’s heartwarming to see celebrities so dedicated to their causes, even if they can’t articulate what those causes are,” said a spokesperson for the cause, who, coincidentally, also struggles to define the cause.

Social media has exploded with praise for these brave celebrities who are willing to take a stand on issues they might stumble over in a brief interview. “It’s not about understanding the problem; it’s about looking good while pretending to care,” remarked one fan, typing with fervor from the comfort of their reclaimed wood coffee table.

As the world waits for the next fashionable cause to emerge, one thing is certain: celebrities will be there, ready to sign a letter, tweet an emoji, or perhaps even release a limited edition T-shirt, all in the name of supporting something they have absolutely zero understanding of. It’s the kind of activism we never knew we needed.