Health authorities have unveiled a new COVID-19 variant, dubbing it “Trump6/1/21.” This cunning nomenclature was selected with an ambitious mission in mind: to terrify liberals into rushing to get their booster shots faster than you can say “Make America Great Again.”

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, this variant is so potent that it has the uncanny ability to turn even the most die-hard liberals into ardent supporters of mass vaccination campaigns. Reports suggest that the mere mention of “Trump6/1/21” sends shivers down their spines, making them race to vaccination centres faster than you can say “fake news.”

Experts have noted that the “Trump6/1/21” variant carries a unique genetic marker known as “MAGA spike protein.” This spike protein, they claim, has the peculiar power to compel liberals to suddenly develop an inexplicable urge to roll up their sleeves and receive those booster shots they might have been hesitant about.

In a surprising turn of events, those who once resisted vaccinations are now demanding them with fervor. Social media is ablaze with selfies featuring liberals proudly displaying their “I Got Boosted” stickers, while chanting, “Science is real, and so are my antibodies!”

One liberal, who had previously been skeptical about vaccinations, declared, “I was on the fence about getting a booster, but when I heard about the ‘Trump6/1/21’ variant, I knew I had to act fast. I mean, who wants to risk turning into a MAGA supporter, right?”

It appears that the tables have turned, and the “Trump6/1/21” variant has achieved the unimaginable: a united front of liberals, all armed with their vaccine cards and ready to face this new, politically charged adversary.

Health officials are cautiously optimistic that this ground breaking discovery will pave the way for a future of bipartisan vaccine acceptance, where left and right can come together for the common goal of defeating COVID-19, or at least the fear of a Trump-themed variant.