The Labour Party’s Halloween celebration took an unexpected turn as attendees, apparently confused about the theme, arrived dressed as various Jewish stereotypes.

The scene resembled a peculiar mash-up of a political gathering and a poorly researched history play, with partygoers sporting an array of outfits ranging from Orthodox Jewish attire to caricatured representations straight out of outdated cartoons.

Organizers, caught off guard by the peculiar fashion choices, struggled to maintain a semblance of order. “We were going for a spooky, Halloween vibe, not a politically incorrect minefield,” mumbled one flustered event planner.

Amid the confusion, some attendees defended their choices, insisting they were merely paying homage to historical figures. “I’m Golda Meir, obviously,” explained one partygoer dressed in what appeared to be a mishmash of random accessories. “You know, the former Prime Minister of Israel. Spooky, right?”

Others, realizing the faux pas too late, attempted to backtrack with feeble excuses. “I thought the invitation said ‘Dress as Your Favorite Historical Figure,'” stammered a guest in a hastily donned Albert Einstein wig.

The incident has, unsurprisingly, fueled accusations of cultural insensitivity and led to a slew of awkward apologies from those who inadvertently turned the Halloween gathering into an unintentional lesson in political correctness.

As the Labour Party attempts to salvage its spooky soiree, party organizers are considering hiring a team of cultural sensitivity consultants for all future events. One can only hope that next year’s Halloween party won’t feature a similarly bewildering array of historical misinterpretations.