London, UK – In a surprising statement today, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair claimed that increased surveillance and government monitoring is the key to freedom.

“Surveillance will set us free,” Blair told a gathering of tech industry leaders. “It may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true. The more we monitor our citizens’ every move and control their behavior, the more they will be able to live without fear.”

Blair went on to explain that with the right technology and government oversight, citizens could be relieved of the burden of making their own decisions.

“Think about it. If we’re monitoring everything people do, we can ensure that they never make a wrong move,” Blair said. “No more worrying about what to eat for dinner or what job to take. We’ll make all those decisions for them, for their own good.”

Critics were quick to denounce Blair’s comments, calling them Orwellian and a threat to individual freedom. But Blair brushed off the criticism, insisting that he was simply trying to create a safer, more secure society.