In the latest development of food justice, supermarkets across the nation are now required to offer a “chest” of chicken in addition to the traditional “breast” of chicken.

According to food activists, the term “breast” of chicken is exclusive and implies a patriarchal hierarchy in the meat industry. They argue that the term “chest” is more inclusive of all genders and body types and allows consumers to make an informed choice about what type of chicken they want to purchase.

“We cannot continue to perpetuate the harmful stereotype that only women have breasts,” said food activist and blogger, Karen. “By including the option of a chest of chicken, we are creating a more inclusive and equitable food system for all.”

The move has caused confusion among some shoppers who are unsure of what exactly a “chest” of chicken entails. “Is it the same as the breast? Or is it a different part of the chicken altogether?” asked shopper, Tom.

Despite the confusion, supermarkets are complying with the new regulations and are even considering offering other body parts of chicken, such as the “thighs” or “drumsticks” to promote further inclusivity.