In a stunning display of hypocrisy, a prominent academic who previously blasted the British Royal family for its lack of diversity is now refusing to condemn the Nigerian Royal family for being “totally black.”

Dr. Sarah Jones, a lecturer in Sociology at a prestigious university, caused controversy last year when she criticized the British Royal family for its lack of diversity, stating that it was “totally white” and failed to represent the multicultural society it purported to serve.

However, when asked about the Nigerian Royal family, which is entirely made up of black members, Dr. Jones refused to comment, stating that it was not her place to criticize the customs and traditions of another culture.

Critics have accused Dr. Jones of double standards, arguing that her condemnation of the British Royal family was not based on a genuine concern for diversity and representation, but rather an attempt to score political points.

Others have defended Dr. Jones, pointing out that the British Royal family is a symbol of the British state and is therefore subject to scrutiny and criticism, while the Nigerian Royal family is a separate cultural institution with its own traditions and practices.

The debate has sparked a wider discussion about the role of monarchy in modern society, with some arguing that the institution is outdated and irrelevant, while others maintain that it remains an important part of national identity and heritage.

Regardless of the outcome of the debate, it is clear that issues of diversity and representation will continue to be hotly debated in both academic and public spheres, with people on both sides of the argument passionately defending their views.