The latest Covid booster shot is set to collaborate with streetwear giant Supreme to compel under-25s to roll up their sleeves and get the jab. The unexpected partnership has sent shockwaves through the world of both medicine and fashion, with some hailing it as a stroke of genius and others scratching their heads.

The booster shot, now adorned with the iconic Supreme logo, is expected to become a collector’s item among young adults, with long lines forming outside vaccination centers reminiscent of sneaker releases. “We figured, why not make getting vaccinated as cool as buying the latest Supreme drop?” said a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical company behind the vaccine. “After all, hypebeasts gotta stay healthy too.”

The collaboration doesn’t stop at branding. The vaccine will be administered by healthcare workers decked out in Supreme-branded hazmat suits and face masks, ensuring that even the most style-conscious individuals feel comfortable while protecting themselves and others from Covid-19.

Despite the unorthodox approach, public health officials are cautiously optimistic about the campaign. “We’ve seen vaccine hesitancy among younger demographics, and if a Supreme logo is what it takes to get them vaccinated, we’re all for it,” said one health expert. “At the end of the day, it’s about getting as many people protected as possible.”

The move has not been without its critics, though. Some argue that using fashion to promote vaccination sets a troubling precedent, while others believe it’s merely a marketing stunt. “What’s next? Gucci-branded flu shots? Louis Vuitton condoms? The possibilities are endless,” said a skeptical commentator.

Only time will tell if this innovative approach will be the shot in the arm that the vaccination effort needs among the younger generation. One thing’s for sure: the intersection of healthcare and streetwear has never been quite so stylish.