Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s car was recently spotted sporting a cheeky new bumper sticker that reads, “No Toolmakers Left In Vehicle.” The amusing sighting has sparked a wave of laughter and speculation across social media and political circles.

The sticker, an apparent play on words, has left many wondering whether it was a deliberate act of self-deprecation or an unintended gaffe. Starmer, known for his lawyerly precision and earnest demeanor, seems an unlikely candidate for such a cheeky display, making the incident all the more entertaining.

Passersby who noticed the sticker couldn’t resist snapping photos and sharing them online, where the image quickly went viral. “Is this Starmer’s way of admitting there’s no one in his party who knows how to fix things?” quipped one Twitter user. “Or is he just poking fun at the idea that Labour’s all talk and no action?”

Theories abound as to how the bumper sticker ended up on the Labour leader’s vehicle. Some suggest it was a prank by a mischievous staffer, while others believe it might be a rare moment of humor from Starmer himself, an attempt to lighten his image amid ongoing political battles.

Regardless of its origin, the sticker has provided a moment of levity in the often-serious world of British politics. Even some of Starmer’s critics couldn’t help but chuckle at the clever play on words. “At least he has a sense of humor,” conceded one commentator.

As the bumper sticker saga continues to amuse and bemuse, it serves as a reminder that even the most buttoned-up politicians can sometimes let their guard down—intentionally or otherwise. Whether Starmer will embrace the newfound attention with a wink and a nod, or quietly remove the sticker and carry on, remains to be seen.

For now, though, the streets of Britain have one more reason to smile, thanks to a simple, cheeky bumper sticker that pokes fun at the political machinery in the most British of ways.