A Virgin Galactic fundraiser aimed at catapulting Sadiq Khan into space has not only taken off but has soared past the £1 million mark, leaving traditionalists and lovers of gravity scratching their heads.

The campaign, cheekily titled “Sadiq’s Cosmic Odyssey,” was launched with the ambitious goal of temporarily relocating London’s mayor to a place where bike lanes are hard to come by and the only congestion is from passing asteroids.

The satirical fundraiser, organized by a coalition of space enthusiasts and those who suspect that Earth might be flat, struck a chord with donors who apparently believe that the vacuum of space might be the ideal environment for solving the city’s traffic issues.

One donor, who wished to remain anonymous, commented, “Maybe once he experiences zero gravity, he’ll finally understand the weight of his decisions.”

Critics argue that the money could have been better spent addressing down-to-earth issues like potholes, public transportation, or, dare we say, initiatives that don’t involve sending politicians into orbit.

As the fundraising rocket continues its trajectory, skeptics wonder if this is a one-way ticket for Khan, while supporters believe that the cosmos might just be the escape he needs to see London’s challenges from a new perspective — a perspective several thousand miles above Earth.

In the spirit of interstellar diplomacy, let’s hope Sadiq Khan’s journey to the final frontier is one giant leap for satire and not a small step for municipal governance.