The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, recently declared that Suella Braverman, a Conservative MP, is “worse than Satan.” This bold statement has left many wondering if theological rankings have taken an unexpected turn towards parliamentary debates.

Welby, best known for his sermons on forgiveness and compassion, took a surprising leap into political commentary during a recent interview. When asked about his views on Braverman, he didn’t hold back. “Frankly, I’d rather have a theological discussion with the Prince of Darkness himself than engage in a conversation with Suella,” he asserted.

The remark has sparked a theological and political frenzy, with some praising Welby for his creativity in ecclesiastical comparisons and others questioning the appropriateness of such statements from a religious figure.

In a rare move, Welby continued to elaborate on his comparison, stating, “At least Satan fell from grace once. Ms. Braverman seems to be in a perpetual nosedive.”

Conservative supporters were quick to respond, with some suggesting that Welby might need a refresher course in biblical metaphors. “Last time I checked, the Bible didn’t have a chapter on Brexit or parliamentary debates,” quipped one commentator.

In the realm of divine declarations and earthly politics, Welby’s pronouncement is certainly a headline-grabber. Whether it will lead to a theological showdown or simply a spirited debate on the nuances of political hyperbole remains to be seen.

As the dust settles, one thing is certain: theological rankings and political discourse have merged in a way that might just make even the angels raise an eyebrow or two.