The BBC has announced that it will no longer feature an obituary section on its website due to a lack of diversity among the deceased Britons. In a statement released earlier today, the broadcaster cited a need to be more inclusive in its coverage of death and mourning.

“We recognize that our obituary section has been lacking in diversity and representation,” the statement read. “In order to rectify this, we have decided to discontinue the section until we can ensure that all groups are adequately represented.”

The decision has drawn criticism from some quarters, with many accusing the BBC of political correctness and pandering to progressive agendas. Others, however, have praised the broadcaster for taking steps to address systemic inequality and marginalization.

“It’s about time that the BBC recognized the importance of diversity in all aspects of life, including death,” said one supporter. “It’s not just about giving everyone a fair chance while they’re alive, it’s about honoring their memory and giving them dignity in death.”

The move comes at a time when the issue of diversity and representation has become increasingly prominent in all areas of society, including media and entertainment. Critics argue that the focus on diversity can sometimes lead to tokenism or dilution of quality, while supporters argue that it is essential to ensuring that everyone has an equal voice and opportunity.

For now, the obituary section of the BBC website will remain empty. However, the broadcaster has promised to work diligently to ensure that all groups are represented fairly and respectfully in future coverage of death and mourning.