A recent poll has revealed that Nigel Farage has been voted the Conservatives’ most-wanted leader, leaving many scratching their heads and asking, “Wait, isn’t he not actually a Tory?”

The survey, conducted among Conservative Party members, showed an overwhelming desire for Farage to take the reins, even though he’s made a career out of not being a card-carrying member of the Tories. Political analysts are calling it the “Farage Paradox” — a situation where a party wants a leader who, by definition, doesn’t want to lead that party.

“It’s like ordering pizza from a burger joint,” remarked a bewildered voter. “You know they don’t have pizza, but you just really, really want them to.”

The reasons cited for this peculiar choice range from Farage’s charismatic speaking style to his ability to make anyone feel like they’re having a pint with an old mate at the pub, despite his lack of Tory credentials.

Conservative Party officials are reportedly considering their options, with some suggesting they might need a crash course in irony to fully comprehend the situation.

In response to the poll, Farage himself chuckled, “Well, it seems I’ve become the forbidden fruit. Who would have thought they’d want the guy who spent a career pushing for Brexit to lead the party that actually has to figure out what to do with it?”

As the Tories navigate this unexpected twist, one thing is clear — in the unpredictable world of politics, even satire struggles to keep up with reality. Nigel Farage as the Conservative leader? Now, that’s a plot twist even fiction writers couldn’t have concocted.