A crowdfunding campaign to send left-wing commentator Owen Jones to Palestine has not only reached its initial goal but has surpassed a whopping £1 million. The initiative, which started as a light-hearted jest, has taken on a life of its own as conservative donors seemingly can’t get enough of the idea.

The campaign, humorously titled “Operation Owen: From Islington to Palestine,” was launched with the goal of providing Jones with a firsthand experience of the complexities in the region. However, it appears that some right-wing donors are viewing this as the ultimate opportunity for a unique form of political diplomacy.

“I never thought I’d see the day when I’d willingly part with my hard-earned money to send Owen Jones on an all-expenses-paid trip,” chuckled one donor. “But hey, if it helps broaden his perspective, why not?”

As the funds continue to pour in, organizers are now contemplating whether the surplus should be used to extend the stay or perhaps create similar campaigns for other prominent left-wing figures.

Critics argue that this campaign is a subtle way of challenging the left’s narrative on international issues, while supporters claim it’s a gesture of goodwill aimed at fostering a more nuanced understanding of global affairs.

Jones himself has responded to the campaign, stating, “I’m humbled by the generosity of those who contributed. I’m looking forward to the trip and hope to bring back insights that bridge political divides.”

As Operation Owen gains momentum, it remains to be seen whether this satirical campaign will indeed lead to a greater exchange of ideas or if it’s simply a testament to the unpredictable nature of online fundraising. One thing’s for sure: Owen Jones is in for quite the journey, courtesy of the generosity of the right.