A rift has emerged within the Labour Party as Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner lock horns over the crucial decision of whether to copy every single Tory policy or merely a vast majority of them. The sparks are flying, and the political landscape has been thrown into turmoil as the party grapples with the existential question of just how much imitation is necessary to win over voters.

Starmer, in his quest for the elusive middle ground, has reportedly expressed concerns about the potential consequences of embracing every Tory policy under the sun. “Sure, it might seem tempting to just photocopy their manifesto and call it a day, but we mustn’t forget our own unique brand of middle-of-the-road mimicry,” he remarked, furrowing his brow in deep contemplation.

Meanwhile, Rayner, armed with a fierce determination to win hearts and minds (or at least a few extra votes), is standing firmly in the camp of “the more, the merrier.” She has been seen passionately waving a checklist of Tory initiatives and enthusiastically proposing a dedicated team to ensure no Tory idea goes unreplicated. “If they say ‘blue sky,’ we say ‘azure atmosphere,'” she quipped with a wink.

As the tension escalates within Labour’s ranks, analysts are speculating that a resolution may involve a highly choreographed dance-off to decide the future direction of the party. Rumor has it that the contest will involve interpretive performances based on iconic Tory policies, with special guest judges flown in from Conservative Central Office.

Only time will tell if this political tug-of-war will lead to a harmonious harmony or a spectacular display of dissonance. In the meantime, Labour supporters are advised to keep their popcorn ready and their sense of irony in tip-top shape for what promises to be an unforgettable showdown in the world of British politics.