Member of Parliament Lee Anderson has incurred the wrath of leftists everywhere by daring to suggest that people should “make their own beds.” The audacity of such a statement has left progressive minds reeling, as they grapple with the concept of personal responsibility and the shocking notion that one should take charge of their own surroundings.

Anderson’s remarks, delivered with the revolutionary flair of a seasoned life coach, sent shockwaves through the echo chambers of the left. The idea that individuals have the power to control their immediate environment by, heaven forbid, smoothing out a few sheets and plumping a pillow, has sparked outrage amongst those who prefer to delegate such matters to the state or appointed bed-making committees.

Leftists nationwide have taken to social media, expressing their outrage with hashtags like #BedInequality and #BedPrivilege, decrying Anderson’s comments as an affront to the delicate sensibilities of modern living. It appears that the mere suggestion of personal agency and the exercise of one’s fine motor skills is enough to ruffle feathers, while causing others to scramble to their fainting couches in need of a good lie-down.

As the dust settles and leftist Twitter threads continue to buzz, Anderson’s bold assertion that people should “make their own beds” serves as a wake-up call for those who’ve grown accustomed to outsourcing even the simplest of tasks. Whether it’s a symbol of self-sufficiency or a stark reminder that life isn’t always as fluffy as the throw pillows, one thing is clear: the battle over bed-making has ignited a debate that’s sure to keep us all tucked in with fervour.