In a royal revelation that has left subjects shaking their heads almost as vigorously as Prince Harry during one of his stateside interviews, the King’s prostate has emerged as the latest addition to the monarchy’s list of royal pains in the a**e.

This unsuspecting gland, nestled in the regal nether regions, has decided to step into the limelight, claiming its share of the royal discomfort that seems to be all the rage these days. Critics suggest that the King’s prostate trouble is merely trying to upstage Prince Harry in the competition for attention.

“It’s a right royal rumble, and not in the way you’d expect,” commented a royal correspondent. “Who would’ve thought a gland would be vying for tabloid headlines alongside a prince with a penchant for Netflix deals?”

The King’s prostate is rumoured to be starring in its own reality show, “The Crown Jewels Unleashed,” where it will spill the beans on its daily struggles, occasional rebellions, and the ongoing feud with the gallbladder over who holds more sway in the monarchy’s internal affairs.

Prince Harry, who’s no stranger to being the center of attention, reportedly took the news in stride. “Seems like I’ve got company in the royal pain department,” he quipped during a recent interview.

As the nation awaits further developments in this unexpected saga, some wonder if the King’s prostate is genuinely seeking recognition or if it’s just a cheeky attempt to divert attention from more significant royal matters. One thing is for sure: whether prince or prostate, the royal family continues to capture the imagination of the public in ways that no one could have predicted.