In a surprising move, Antifa is set to be officially classified as “Mostly Peaceful Terrorists” by the Department of Homeland Security.

The decision comes after months of violent protests and destruction across the country, with Antifa activists leading the charge. Despite the chaos, many media outlets continued to describe the group as “peaceful protesters.”

But now, the DHS has taken notice of the group’s tactics, which often involve setting fires, throwing projectiles, and assaulting innocent bystanders.

“We can no longer ignore the fact that Antifa is a violent and dangerous organization,” said a DHS spokesperson. “Their actions have caused millions of dollars in property damage and put countless lives at risk.”

While some have criticized the decision, calling it an attack on free speech and peaceful activism, others believe it is a necessary step to protect communities from the group’s destructive behavior.

The new classification is expected to bring increased scrutiny to Antifa’s activities and allow law enforcement to take more aggressive action against the group.

Antifa leaders have not yet responded to the news, but sources say they are already planning their next “mostly peaceful” protest.