Mayor Sadiq Khan, the man who elegantly glides through the city in his trusty £300,000 Land Rover, has proudly declared that London possesses the world’s premier public transport system.

The Mayor, who clearly values the tube and buses so much that he chooses to enjoy them from the climate-controlled embrace of his luxury vehicle, made the audacious statement at a recent press conference.

“London’s public transport is truly world-class,” Khan proclaimed, his words echoing the sentiments of those who have never experienced the joy of a cramped Central Line ride or the thrill of chasing after a departing bus in the rain.

When asked about his unique perspective, the Mayor responded, “I’m all about promoting public transport, and what better way to do that than by showcasing it from the plush interior of my Land Rover? It’s a strategic move, you see.”

Critics argue that Khan’s endorsement of the public transport system from the confines of his high-end automobile is akin to a restaurant critic praising the exquisite flavors of a dish they’ve only observed through the window.

Londoners, who are well-versed in the intricacies of their public transport challenges, are reportedly overjoyed to learn that their Mayor is so deeply connected to the commuting experience. Some even suggest he might install an Oyster card reader in his Land Rover to truly bridge the gap between luxury and practicality.

As Mayor Khan continues to champion London’s public transport, citizens eagerly await the day when he might join them in the trenches of a crowded bus or squeeze onto a rush hour tube, experiencing first-hand the charm of the world-class system he passionately extols. Until then, they can rest assured that their Mayor is vigilantly monitoring the city’s transport network, even if it’s through the tinted windows of a Land Rover.