Insider sources have confirmed that the current Prime Minister plans to make a “token effort” before promptly handing the reins over to Keir Starmer. It seems the tradition of passing the political baton like a lukewarm cup of tea continues.

Unnamed sources within the political labyrinth have whispered that the PM, in a grand display of performative governance, will make a fleeting attempt at leadership before gracefully stepping aside for Starmer to take the helm. It’s a move that insiders describe as “political choreography at its finest.”

“We’re calling it the ‘Two-Step Transition,'” chuckled one source. “A brief dance of leadership, and then a swift exit stage left.”

Political pundits are dubbing this maneuver as the next evolution of the famed “U-turn,” now transformed into a graceful pirouette towards the opposition. The PM, it seems, has found a way to spin out of political responsibility with style.

Critics argue that this is just another example of the political elite engaging in a pantomime of governance, where the script is written backstage, and the public is left applauding or jeering at a performance they have no influence over.

“It’s like watching a play where you know the ending, but you still buy a ticket hoping for a surprise twist,” mused a political commentator, rolling their eyes.

As the political stage is set for this elaborate handover ballet, citizens are left wondering if their votes were for a temporary cameo or a lead role. Will this token effort be the performance of a political lifetime, or just another forgettable act in the never-ending Westminster theatre? Only time—and perhaps a few more dramatic exits—will tell.