It has been uncovered that Dr. Shola, the outspoken advocate for racial equality, is, in fact, a white man wearing blackface in a bizarre attempt to make black people look bad.

The revelation has sent shockwaves through the woke community, prompting some to question if they’ve been unwittingly cheering for a mastermind of racial discord.

Dr. Shola, who has been a prominent figure in discussions on racism, diversity, and inclusion, is now facing accusations of being a nefarious puppet master orchestrating a grand scheme to undermine the very causes he claimed to champion.

“It’s like something out of a poorly written thriller novel,” said one disgruntled former supporter. “I can’t believe I bought into the narrative that someone could genuinely care about equality without an ulterior motive.”

Critics are pointing to the meticulously applied blackface and the not-so-subtle attempts to perpetuate stereotypes as evidence of a sinister plot to discredit the efforts of genuine advocates for racial justice.

“It’s a classic case of gaslighting,” declared a conspiracy theorist who seems to be having a field day with this revelation. “They make you believe they’re fighting for the cause while secretly plotting its downfall.”

As the news spreads, many are left wondering who they can trust in the complex web of identity politics. Is anyone genuinely committed to equality, or are we all just pawns in an elaborate game of 4D chess played by people wearing questionable amounts of theatrical makeup?

In the aftermath of this shocking expose, the woke community is left to grapple with the uncomfortable reality that the very figure they thought was leading the charge for racial justice may have been, in fact, a rogue agent wearing a rather convincing disguise.