A left-wing media commentator has come up with a sure-fire solution to eliminate fascism: persuading banks to shut down people’s accounts! The bold proposal, hailed as a stroke of genius by some, has left others scratching their heads in bewilderment.

With an air of confidence, the commentator took to their platform to outline their extraordinary plan. “We must take decisive action to combat the rising threat of fascism,” they proclaimed, “and what better way to do that than by cutting off the financial lifeline of those we disagree with?”

In this innovative strategy, banks would be tasked with the responsibility of determining who qualifies as a potential fascist threat. Armed with ideological crystal balls, these financial institutions would then wield their newfound powers to freeze and close accounts at will, all in the name of protecting society from extremist ideologies.

Critics of the idea, predominantly those who value personal liberties and freedom of expression, voiced their concerns loud and clear. “Sure, let’s just let banks play judge, jury, and executioner of people’s financial lives based on their political beliefs,” scoffed one dissenting voice. “What could possibly go wrong?”

As the proposal continued to garner attention, the debate escalated, with some sarcastically suggesting that banks should also start screening customers based on their pizza topping preferences to avoid pineapple-related extremism.

In response to the backlash, the commentator remained steadfast, insisting that it was a small price to pay for a society free from the perils of fascism. “Personal freedoms are overrated anyway,” they asserted, seemingly unfazed by the growing chorus of skepticism.

In a surprising twist, the commentator’s proposal was met with praise from a few enthusiastic supporters who commended their willingness to push the boundaries of creative problem-solving. “Who needs freedom and individual rights when we have banks to save the day?” one remarked, perhaps only half-jokingly.

As the uproar over this eyebrow-raising proposition unfolds, it remains to be seen whether banks will embrace their newfound role as ideological gatekeepers or if this idea will be relegated to the realms of satirical absurdity. One thing is certain: the fight against fascism just took an unexpected and bewildering turn.