a resourceful Tory MP is reportedly drafting a heartfelt note to the future Labour government, offering a helping hand in the realm of fiscal responsibility. The note, tentatively titled “And You Thought You Had No Money Left!” is set to be a satirical masterpiece, according to insiders.

The MP, armed with a calculator and a slightly maniacal grin, has taken it upon themselves to provide a comprehensive guide on the art of managing a nation’s finances. “It’s like a financial care package,” they remarked, “because who wouldn’t appreciate unsolicited advice, especially when it comes to spending other people’s money?”

The note is rumored to include gems of wisdom such as “How to Turn a Surplus into a Deficit in 10 Easy Steps” and “Why Printing More Money is the Real ‘Print Screen’ for Economic Success.” There’s even a bonus section on “Creative Taxation: A Primer on Making Citizens Feel Appreciated.”

This satirical masterpiece is expected to be accompanied by a gift basket of abacuses, calculators, and a ‘Learn Economics for Dummies’ manual – all tastefully wrapped in a bow made of tax return forms.

The Tory MP, speaking on condition of anonymity, mused, “It’s really just a gesture of goodwill. We’ve had our turn; now it’s their chance to shine. We want to make sure they don’t miss out on the exhilarating experience of economic acrobatics.”

As news of this initiative circulates, political pundits are eagerly anticipating the Labour government’s response, wondering if they’ll return the favour with a note titled “Navigating a Budget Crisis: A Masterclass by the Upper Lip” or something equally cheeky. One thing’s for sure: the political banter is alive and well, even if the national budget might be gasping for breath.