The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London has unveiled a new promotion. Now, with every ULEZ ticket purchase, you’ll receive a “Trump-style mugshot” absolutely free!

That’s right, forget about those ordinary, everyday mugshots; the ULEZ is offering you a chance to capture your very own “Trump-style” snapshot as you pay up for the privilege of driving in certain parts of the city. We’re talking about that iconic, windswept hairstyle and a confident expression that says, “I’m making emissions great again!”

The ULEZ insists that this promotion is all in good fun and meant to raise awareness about the importance of reducing emissions. They claim that associating your daily commute with the former President’s distinctive look will make you think twice about hopping into your gas-guzzler. After all, who needs a Hummer when you can have a “Trump-style mugshot” and a snazzy electric scooter, right?

Environmentalists have lauded the move as a brilliant way to remind people of their responsibility to the planet. “It’s genius,” said one eco-conscious Londoner, “Every time I see my ‘Trump-style mugshot,’ I’m reminded to reduce my carbon footprint. Plus, I look fabulous.”

Of course, not everyone is thrilled with the idea. Some critics argue that the ULEZ should focus on practical measures to combat emissions rather than gimmicks. But for now, Londoners can enjoy their free “Trump-style mugshots” with every ULEZ ticket, and perhaps even use them as inspiration for their next eco-friendly hairstyle.