The Scottish National Party (SNP) has revealed that it is still open to the possibility of finding an even worse leader than their current one. Despite the challenges faced by the party under its current leadership, SNP members believe that there is always room for further disappointment and incompetence.

“We have made great strides in recent years, but we feel there is untapped potential for even greater failure,” said an anonymous SNP insider. “We are committed to exploring all options to ensure that our next leader surpasses our wildest expectations of disappointment.”

The SNP’s willingness to consider a worse leader has sparked speculation within political circles. Some suggest that this decision stems from a desire to outdo other parties in their pursuit of ineffective leadership, while others see it as a strategic move to lower expectations and maintain a sense of consistency in underperformance.

Critics argue that the focus on finding a worse leader detracts from the need for strong, capable leadership in a time of significant challenges for Scotland. They express concerns about the potential impact on the country’s future and the well-being of its citizens.

However, SNP members remain optimistic about their search for a leader who can take the party’s failures to new heights. They believe that by embracing mediocrity and incompetence, they can truly distinguish themselves in the political landscape.

While the search for an even worse leader continues, it remains to be seen how this approach will shape the future of the SNP and Scotland as a whole. In the meantime, political observers and the public alike are left to ponder the implications of such an unconventional strategy.