it turns out that a whopping 99.9% of vocal #RefugeesWelcome supporters have no intention of welcoming refugees into their own homes. The stunning revelation has left many scratching their heads and pondering the true extent of compassion and hospitality among the social media activist crowd.

The survey, conducted with a margin of error smaller than most celebrity’s entourages, sheds light on the intriguing dichotomy between online virtue signaling and real-life action. While hashtags and heartfelt posts may flood timelines, it appears the “welcome” is generally intended to be more metaphorical than literal.

One respondent, who was spotted leaving a trendy café while sipping an artisanal latte, candidly admitted, “Of course, I support refugees in theory. But you see, my loft apartment has a very strict ‘no shoes’ policy, and you know how it is with muddy shoes and all. Besides, my curated décor might clash with, well, humanity.”

In the midst of the grand reveal, it seems that the “welcome” doesn’t quite extend to sharing personal space, resources, or the occasional avocado toast. Social justice warriors, it appears, are perfectly content to champion their causes from the comfort of their well-appointed living rooms, all while carefully preserving their sanctuary – both metaphorically and literally.