Former glam rock star Gary Glitter, best known for his hit song “Rock and Roll (Part 2),” has expressed deep regret over missing the opportunity to criticise the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Glitter, who has faced numerous legal troubles and public backlash, now believes that criticizing the vaccine could have been his golden ticket to getting back into the spotlight and casting himself as a victim of the so-called “establishment.”

Glitter, speaking from his undisclosed location, lamented, “I missed the boat on this one. All those celebrities getting attention for spreading vaccine misinformation, and here I am, not even on the radar. If only I had jumped on the anti-Pfizer bandwagon, I could be the poster child for ‘cancel culture.'”

Glitter’s revelation has left many scratching their heads, wondering if he truly understands the gravity of the pandemic and the importance of vaccines in curbing its spread. Nonetheless, he seems determined to make amends for his missed opportunity.

“I’ve started drafting my anti-Pfizer tweets,” Glitter proudly announced. “I’ll throw in some conspiracy theories about microchips and mind control, and maybe even claim that the vaccine turns you into a disco-hating zombie. It’s never too late to join the misinformation party!”

Observers have noted that Glitter’s plan is not only ill-conceived but also deeply irresponsible, given the life-saving potential of vaccines. Nonetheless, the former rock star appears willing to go to great lengths to regain public attention.

In the world of satire, where irony knows no bounds, Gary Glitter’s quest for relevance by criticizing vaccines takes centre stage. As he navigates the treacherous waters of pandemic misinformation, one can only hope that the public’s discernment and the relentless pursuit of truth will prevail over sensationalism and self-interest.