In a surprising twist of self-discovery, comedian and activist Eddie Izzard has announced that, after years of experimenting with gender fluidity, they have decided to revert to being a man to, in their words, “become more competent.”

Izzard, known for their boundary-pushing comedy and political activism, declared the move in what some are calling a quest for newfound prowess.

“I’ve realized that if I’m going to tackle the world’s issues head-on, I might need the added advantage of being a man,” Izzard said, adjusting a tie that seemingly materialized out of nowhere.

The decision has left many scratching their heads, with some wondering if there’s a magical formula hidden in traditional masculinity that grants one superpowers of competence.

“I suppose competence is just one suit and tie away,” quipped a commentator. “Who knew the secret to success was hiding in the men’s section?”

Izzard, in their attempt to embrace what they perceive as the embodiment of competence, has reportedly started practicing the art of stoic nodding, occasional grunting, and mastering the art of confidently mansplaining topics they may or may not fully understand.

Critics argue that competence is not tied to gender, but Izzard seems undeterred in their mission to unlock the latent power of traditional masculinity.

“I’m ready to bring my A-game to the world, and if that means trading in my heels for loafers, so be it,” declared Izzard, now seen wielding a toolbox inexplicably filled with duct tape and WD-40.

As the world eagerly watches this new chapter in Izzard’s journey unfold, the question on everyone’s minds is whether this comedic twist will lead to a grand revelation about the true source of competence or just another punchline in the ongoing comedy of life.