Former President Donald Trump announced that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was “totally forgiven” for any perceived transgressions before promptly plunging him into a pit of snakes via a secret trapdoor.

The forgiveness ceremony, held at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, started with a seemingly sincere embrace between the two Republican heavyweights. “Ron has been doing a tremendous job in Florida, tremendous,” Trump declared, while DeSantis nodded in agreement.

However, the mood took an unexpected turn when, in the midst of cheers and applause from loyal supporters, a trapdoor suddenly opened beneath DeSantis, sending him plummeting into a pit filled with hissing snakes.

Trump, standing at the edge of the pit, casually explained, “You see, folks, this is how we do forgiveness in the big leagues. It’s like ‘Survivor,’ but with more reptiles.”

As DeSantis valiantly attempted to navigate the snake-infested pit, Trump continued his speech, listing the governor’s accomplishments while periodically shouting encouragement like, “Watch out for that one, Ron!”

Political analysts were left bewildered, struggling to decipher whether this was a symbolic act of political forgiveness or a literal snake pit metaphor. Meanwhile, Trump supporters, undeterred by the surreal spectacle, took it as just another day in the wild world of MAGA politics.

DeSantis, emerging from the pit with a few snake-induced scratches, managed to put on a brave face, claiming, “This is just another swamp-draining team-building exercise. We’re making Florida great again, one slithery challenge at a time.”

Whether this unconventional forgiveness ceremony will become a trend in GOP politics remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Trump’s approach to political reconciliation has a uniquely serpentine flair.