former President Donald Trump is reportedly mulling over the idea of converting to Islam to render the liberal media utterly flabbergasted and, more importantly, speechless.

Sources close to Trump suggest that he’s been browsing through the Quran, exploring prayer mats on Amazon, and even contemplating a rebranding of Trump Tower into “Taj Mahal – Trump Edition.” The motivation behind this unexpected spiritual exploration? A desire to put an end to the unrelenting criticism from the liberal media.

“They can’t call me ‘Islamophobic’ if I’m one of them, right?” Trump allegedly remarked during a golf outing. “I’ve always been a winner, and if converting to Islam shuts them up, I’m all for it.”

While some question the authenticity of these rumors, others speculate whether this might be the ultimate 4D chess move in Trump’s arsenal. His critics are left scrambling, unsure whether to prepare headlines for ‘Trump the Devout Muslim’ or ‘Trump’s Most Audacious PR Stunt Yet.’

Conservative pundits, on the other hand, are donning their sunglasses, ready to witness the liberal media squirm in confusion. “This is a game-changer,” said one commentator. “They’ve accused him of everything under the sun, but converting to Islam? That’s a plot twist even Hollywood couldn’t have imagined.”

As Trump weighs the pros and cons of embracing a new faith, the nation braces itself for a political rollercoaster unlike any seen before. Will Trump become the poster boy for Islamic tolerance, or is this just another chapter in the never-ending saga of the Trumpian spectacle?

Stay tuned, America. The show might be taking an unexpected turn towards Mecca.