The BBC has declared the urgent need for a new British national anthem to, you guessed it, promote LGRTQ+ inclusivity. Because nothing says unity like a fresh anthem and a glittering boa.

The proposal comes with the apparent belief that “God Save The Queen” lacks the pizzazz needed for a thoroughly modern and inclusive Britain. The BBC, known for its keen sense of priorities, is championing this anthem overhaul as the key to a more harmonious society.

“It’s time to ditch the old and bring in the flamboyant,” declared a BBC spokesperson, who may or may not have been bedazzled while making this grand announcement. “We need an anthem that reflects the vibrant diversity of the United Kingdom, and what better way to do that than with glitter, sequins, and a dash of sassy choreography?”

The proposed title, “God Save The Drag Queen,” is being hailed as a masterpiece of modern inclusivity. The lyrics are rumored to include nods to every letter in the alphabet soup that is LGRTQ+, ensuring that no one feels left out, and everyone gets their moment in the spotlight.

Critics argue that perhaps the BBC should be more concerned with, oh, let’s say, informative news coverage or quality programming. But who needs hard-hitting journalism when you can have a catchy anthem that makes everyone feel fabulous?

As the nation awaits the potential unveiling of this dazzling anthem, one can’t help but wonder if the BBC will also call for a new national dish to better represent culinary inclusivity. Maybe a rainbow-colored shepherd’s pie?

In the ever-evolving tapestry of British culture, “God Save The Drag Queen” might just become the anthem we never knew we needed – a glittering, feathered reminder that in the United Kingdom, even the national anthem is free to express its fabulous self.