Diane Abbott has declared her newfound allegiance to West Ham United Football Club, citing a slight mix-up that confused “Hammers for Hamas.” Abbott, known for her occasional linguistic adventures, has once again left both football fans and political pundits scratching their heads.

“It was an honest mistake,” Abbott explained, attempting to clarify her sudden shift in football loyalties. “I thought they were shouting ‘Up the Hamas’ at the games, and, well, who am I to ignore a passionate football chant?”

West Ham supporters, perplexed by the unexpected endorsement, are now contemplating the addition of international relations to their match-day discussions. The Hammers’ iconic logo apparently triggered Abbott’s diplomatic instincts, leading her to believe the football club was a grassroots movement promoting solidarity with the Middle East.

“I’m all for supporting international causes,” Abbott continued, “and if West Ham wants to take a stance on global affairs, who am I to stand in their way?”

The former MP’s commitment to her new team has reportedly reached a point where she’s considering rewriting the team’s anthem to better align with her vision of global unity.

The incident has left political observers wondering if Abbott’s political compass has taken a detour into the realm of sport, or if this is merely an elaborate ploy to forge international connections through the power of football chants.

As West Ham fans grapple with this unexpected twist, the football world anxiously awaits the next chapter in Diane Abbott’s sporting journey, wondering if “Up the Hamas” will become a rallying cry in stadiums across the country.