A non-binary patient demanding a complimentary appendage has had a penis surgically attached to his forehead. The ground breaking surgery, which took place at the renowned Whimsical Medical Centre, has ignited a flurry of debates on gender identity and healthcare entitlements.

The patient, known only as “Sky,” claimed that having a free penis was a basic human right. “I identify as non-binary and felt entitled to this gift of anatomy,” Sky explained, proudly showcasing his unconventional modification.

Dr. Evelyn Righteous, the surgeon who performed the operation, defended her decision. “When Sky demanded a free penis, I felt a calling to break new ground in the medical field,” Dr. Righteous stated. “It just felt like the right thing to do, ethically and artistically.”

The surgery has sparked polarizing reactions, with some praising it as a triumph for gender expression and others questioning the wisdom of surgical decisions based on entitlement rather than medical necessity.

Critics argue that the procedure trivializes serious medical interventions and raises concerns about the ethical implications of catering to individual demands without medical justification. Meanwhile, supporters view it as a ground breaking step towards breaking down traditional gender norms.

As “Sky” proudly parades his forehead-enhanced anatomy, society grapples with the broader questions this surgery raises. Are free anatomical additions the future of healthcare? Is the forehead the new frontier of gender expression? And perhaps most importantly, will hats need to come with a new set of accommodations?

Only time will tell how this bold surgical choice will shape the landscape of gender identity, entitlement, and the ever-evolving world of medical innovation.