Brits across the nation have overwhelmingly voted to deport all politicians to Rwanda, with many citizens even offering to chip in for their airfare.

“We’ve had enough of the bickering, the backstabbing, and the broken promises,” exclaimed one enthusiastic voter. “It’s time to give our politicians a one-way ticket to Rwanda and let them sort out their differences there!”

The unprecedented proposal gained traction after years of frustration with the political class failing to deliver on key issues, from Brexit to healthcare. Citizens have grown weary of the endless debates, U-turns, and scandals that seem to plague Westminster.

“We figure Rwanda could use some experienced politicians,” quipped another voter. “Maybe they can teach them a thing or two about accountability and getting things done!”

The notion of deporting politicians to Rwanda has struck a chord with the public, with many expressing optimism about the prospect of a government-free Britain.

“We’ll finally have some peace and quiet,” remarked one relieved citizen. “No more endless debates in Parliament, no more empty promises – just the sound of birds chirping and the occasional gorilla grunting.”

While some politicians have expressed reluctance about the idea, others have surprisingly welcomed the opportunity for a fresh start.

“Rwanda is a beautiful country with a rich history,” said one MP. “And if it means escaping the endless cycle of political drama, I say bring it on!”

As the proposal gains momentum, Brits are already brainstorming ways to raise funds for the politicians’ relocation, with suggestions ranging from bake sales to sponsored skydives.

“Anything to get them out of here!” exclaimed one eager supporter. “We’ll even have a whip around for the airfare, lads!”

With the fate of British politicians hanging in the balance, one thing is certain: the people have spoken, and they’re ready for a politician-free future.