In the ongoing circus of reviews and inquiries, the British political scene has once again taken a bewildering turn. The Labour Party has called for an extensive review of the government’s review of the independent inquiry into its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The irony of this situation, with its endless reviews on reviews, reaches new heights as the government now finds itself embroiled in a WhatsApp debacle.

It all began when the independent inquiry, charged with examining the government’s response to the unprecedented health crisis, requested access to private WhatsApp messages exchanged between ministers. The inquiry sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of the decision-making processes and communications during critical moments of the pandemic.

The government responded with a startling move. They decided to invoke the legal machinery and called for a judicial review of the inquiry itself. The reasoning behind this decision supposedly revolves around concerns regarding the privacy of ministers and the potential overreach of the inquiry’s investigative powers.

Now, amidst this spectacle of bureaucratic wrangling, the Labour Party has stepped forward to demand a review of the government’s review of the COVID-19 inquiry. The sheer absurdity of the situation seems to know no bounds. The pursuit of truth and accountability has become entangled in a web of endless reviews.

One cannot help but wonder: when will this cycle of reviews end? The constant revisiting and re-reviewing of decisions only serves to create confusion and frustration for the public.