Many Irish citizens, who vehemently opposed the idea of a hard border during Brexit negotiations, have suddenly found themselves advocating for a hard border due to the influx of asylum seekers. The abrupt change in stance has left politicians scratching their heads and citizens wondering if they accidentally stumbled into a parallel universe.

“It’s like waking up in a political twilight zone,” remarked one bewildered Dublin resident. “I thought we were all about open borders and global solidarity, but now suddenly we’re building walls?”

The sudden shift in public sentiment has sparked accusations of hypocrisy, especially directed at the Irish Premier, who has found himself under fire for his government’s handling of the situation. However, the Premier insists that the two scenarios are entirely different and should not be compared.

“It’s apples and oranges, really,” the Premier explained in a press conference. “During Brexit, a hard border would have disrupted trade and caused economic turmoil. But now, with asylum seekers, it’s about protecting our borders and ensuring the safety of our citizens. Totally different.”

Despite the Premier’s attempts to justify the change in policy, many remain unconvinced. “It’s like saying you’re against pineapple on pizza but suddenly you’re okay with it if it’s served on a different day of the week,” quipped a political commentator.

As confusion and debate swirl around the issue, one thing remains clear: in the ever-shifting landscape of politics, consistency is a rare and precious commodity. Whether it’s Brexit, asylum seekers, or pineapple on pizza, the only constant seems to be the unpredictability of political preferences.