Hamas, the militant group known for its hardline stance on Palestine, has announced a controversial agreement regarding the fate of pro-Palestinian protestors once the long-awaited Caliphate is established.

According to sources within the organization, Hamas leaders have decided that while they fully support the Palestinian cause, those who protest in favor of it will be placed at the bottom of the execution list once the Caliphate is established. This surprising decision has sparked outrage among some supporters, who argue that solidarity with Palestine should be unwavering.

“Hamas’s commitment to the cause seems a bit conditional,” remarked one observer. “It’s like saying, ‘We’ll fight for Palestine, but only if you agree with us.'”

Critics have pointed out the irony of Hamas, a group known for its violent tactics, prioritizing the execution of fellow supporters over other perceived enemies of the Caliphate. “It’s a bit like inviting someone to dinner and then telling them they’re on the menu,” quipped a satirical commentator.

In response to the backlash, Hamas officials have defended the decision, citing concerns about potential dissent within the ranks of the Caliphate. “We must maintain unity and discipline within our ranks,” stated one Hamas spokesperson. “Those who deviate from our ideology must face consequences.”

While some supporters have expressed dismay at the news, others have shrugged it off, noting that in the tumultuous world of Middle Eastern politics, stranger things have happened.

As the debate rages on, one thing is certain: Hamas’s decision to prioritize the execution of pro-Palestinian protestors last in the Caliphate’s grand scheme of things has left many scratching their heads and wondering what other surprises await in the ever-unpredictable landscape of the region.