In a viral moment captured by cameras during a recent American sports game, Meghan Markle appeared to snub her husband Prince Harry’s attempt to kiss her, further fuelling rumours of trouble in their marriage. Sources close to the couple have revealed that Meghan has been feeling increasingly disillusioned with Harry, whom she now sees as no longer useful to her pursuit of publicity, fame, and fortune.

Eyewitnesses at the game claim that Harry leaned in to kiss his wife after their team made a winning play, but Meghan avoided the kiss, leaving him hanging in front of the cameras. Some commentators have suggested that Meghan’s actions may have been intentional, designed to send a message to the public about her growing dissatisfaction with her husband.

“She believed that Harry would be her ticket to the top,” said one source, “but now that they’re not royals anymore, she’s realising that it’s harder than she thought to maintain the level of fame and attention that she’s used to.”

According to sources, Meghan’s current mindset is that Harry has served his purpose for her, which was to help her create a narrative of victimhood and racism within the royal family, and that now he is no longer of use to her. “She feels like she’s achieved what she set out to achieve,” said one insider. “And now Harry is just discardable.”

The situation has left many wondering about the future of the couple’s marriage, with some speculating that divorce could be on the horizon. But others believe that Meghan will try to salvage the relationship in order to maintain her public image as a strong, independent woman.

As for Harry, he’s said to be taking the situation in stride, trying to find ways to make himself more valuable to his wife. “He’s been working on his public speaking skills and trying to become more involved in charitable work,” said one source. “But it remains to be seen whether it’ll be enough to win her back.”

Representatives for Meghan and Harry have declined to comment on the situation, leaving fans and critics alike to wonder about the fate of this once seemingly fairy tale romance.