A surprising new report has found that the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) occurred despite its efforts to promote social justice and equality through its donations to the Black Lives Matter movement and its commitment to raising awareness of minority queer lived experience.

According to sources, SVB had donated a staggering $75 million to various BLM causes in the past year alone. The bank also made a concerted effort to promote diversity and inclusion within its own ranks, hiring a team of consultants to advise on ways to increase representation of marginalized communities.

Despite these efforts, however, SVB was unable to weather the economic storm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The bank’s assets were depleted by a series of bad loans and risky investments, leading to its eventual collapse.

The news has been met with shock and disappointment by those in the social justice community who had looked to SVB as a beacon of progressivism in the corporate world. Many have expressed their frustration that a bank that had done so much to promote social justice could still fall victim to the same capitalist forces it claimed to be fighting against.

“SVB was supposed to be different,” said one activist who wished to remain anonymous. “They talked a big game about supporting marginalized communities and fighting systemic oppression. But in the end, they were just another bank that put profit over people.”

Despite the disappointment, some have taken the news as a cautionary tale about the limits of corporate social responsibility. “It’s important to remember that no amount of donations or diversity initiatives can fix a fundamentally broken system,” said another activist. “We need real systemic change if we want to create a world that truly values all people, regardless of their race or gender identity.”

As for SVB, the bank’s former employees and customers are left to pick up the pieces and move on from this unexpected turn of events.