In a jaw-dropping twist that’s sure to raise some eyebrows, Harvard University proudly introduces its latest academic offering: a course titled “Hitler Was Right – The Wonderful History of Antisemitism.”

This audacious academic endeavour aims to take students on an unconventional journey through history, exploring the alleged virtues of antisemitism as perceived by Adolf Hitler. Harvard argues that understanding different perspectives is crucial for a well-rounded education, even if those perspectives happen to involve one of the darkest periods in history.

Professor Ima Jokington, the mastermind behind the course, stated, “We believe in providing our students with a comprehensive view of history. Why fixate on the positives when you can delve into the negatives? It’s about intellectual balance.”

The syllabus reportedly spans a range of topics, from “Identifying the Jewish Menace” to “Hitler’s Playbook for Effective Propaganda – Vilifying the ‘Other’ 101.” Rumor has it that students will engage in a group project named “Project Dissonance,” where they can put their newfound antisemitic insights to practical use.

Responses to the announcement have been as varied as the course content. Some laud it as a triumph for academic freedom, while others question whether Harvard has taken a dark turn somewhere in its pursuit of knowledge.

In a press release, Harvard clarified, “We’re not endorsing Hitler’s ideology. We’re merely exploring the complex layers of history, even those that are undeniably sinister. It’s not about celebrating antisemitism; it’s about, um, academic exploration.”

Harvard assures concerned parents that students will emerge from the course with a comprehensive understanding of history and a certificate that reads, “Congratulations, you survived ‘Hitler Was Right!'”

As the academic community grapples with this controversial addition to the curriculum, one thing remains certain: Harvard is determined to demonstrate that no historical rock is too dark to be overturned in the pursuit of knowledge.