Local progressive and avid user of the term “literal Nazis,” Sheila Righteous, found herself at a loss when confronted with actual Nazis. Sheila, known for her enthusiastic use of the term to describe anyone with differing opinions, is reportedly grappling with the conundrum of what to call the real deal.

“It’s a real head-scratcher,” Sheila admitted, her brow furrowed in genuine concern. “I mean, I’ve been throwing around ‘Nazi’ so liberally, but now that there are, you know, actual Nazis, I’m not quite sure how to step up my rhetoric game.”

Sources close to Sheila reveal that she’s considering a range of alternatives, from “metaphorical Nazis” to “figurative fascists,” as she navigates the challenging terrain of using accurate descriptors for extreme ideologies.

Critics argue that this linguistic struggle highlights the pitfalls of employing hyperbolic language without due consideration. “When you throw around extreme labels, you dilute their meaning,” said one concerned citizen. “It makes it challenging to address genuine issues seriously.”

As Sheila contemplates her next move, the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of her chosen terminology. Will she stick with the classics, venture into the realm of metaphor, or forge a new linguistic frontier with #Hamas? Only time will tell in this satirical saga of labels and liberal lexicon.