Jeremy Hunt’s wife was reportedly seen sporting a “Never Kissed A Tory” T-shirt at a recent upscale charity event. The wardrobe choice raised eyebrows and elicited gasps from the exclusive circle of political elites, leaving attendees torn between sipping their champagne and dropping their monocles.

The daring fashion statement, akin to wearing camo to a peacock-themed gala, sent shockwaves through the gathering of distinguished conservatives who were left contemplating whether they should address the elephant in the room or continue discussing the intricacies of tax reform.

“It’s like bringing a vegan to a barbecue, simply scandalous,” whispered Lady Penelope, a prominent figure in the upper echelons of society. “One simply does not advertise such things, especially on high-quality cotton!”

The “Never Kissed A Tory” slogan, emblazoned proudly across Mrs. Hunt’s chest, became the talk of the town, eclipsing even the latest scandal involving a misplaced teaspoon at the Buckingham Palace afternoon tea.

Conservative social media was ablaze with reactions, with some dubbing it a “shirtgate” scandal, while others humorously suggested starting a support group for spouses of politicians who have fallen victim to their significant other’s political banter.

Critics argue that such public displays of political misalignment undermine the very fabric of unity among the upper crust. “This is simply uncouth. Next thing you know, they’ll be serving quinoa at the Hunt’s annual fox hunt,” lamented Lord Archibald, clutching his pearls.

As the “Never Kissed A Tory” tee continues to create ripples in the refined waters of high society, it remains to be seen whether this fashion choice will spark a new trend or simply serve as a cautionary tale for political spouses about the perils of mixing wardrobe and political affiliations. One thing is for certain—the next dinner party at the Hunts’ estate promises to be more suspenseful than an Agatha Christie novel.