In a move that surprised absolutely no one, a Western conservative who has spent their entire life getting called a Nazi has refused to support Ukraine after someone called them a Nazi. The individual, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of being called a Nazi again, claims that they simply cannot support a country that is being accused of being fascist.

“I’ve spent my whole life being called a Nazi by leftists and social justice warriors,” the conservative lamented. “I can’t in good conscience support a country that is being accused of the same thing. It’s just not fair.”

The conservative in question has been a vocal opponent of leftist ideologies, often criticizing what they see as a dangerous trend towards political correctness and censorship. They have also been a vocal supporter of right-wing causes, including the controversial border wall and restrictions on immigration.

Despite their reluctance to support Ukraine, the conservative did express sympathy for the Ukrainian people, who are currently caught in the middle of a geopolitical conflict. “I feel for the Ukrainian people,” they said. “But I just can’t bring myself to support a country that has been accused of being fascist. It’s a matter of principle.”

The conservative’s stance has drawn criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. Leftists have accused them of hypocrisy, pointing out that they are quick to label their opponents as Nazis but refuse to support a country that is actually fighting against fascism. Conservatives, on the other hand, have accused the individual of being too soft on Ukraine and not being a true patriot.

Regardless of the criticism, the conservative in question remains steadfast in their refusal to support Ukraine. “I’ve spent too many years being called a Nazi to support a country that is being accused of the same thing,” they said. “It’s just not worth it.”